About Me - thomasfle

Thank you very much for your interest in my photography.

I am not aiming to document nature or landscapes, instead i let nature inspire me to find interesting motives to capture. My aim is to create images which resonate with the viewer.

For me, photography is an art form, simply a possibility for expression.

Being aware of and representing nature through photography is a very exciting journey. I believe that through being mindful with your surrounding you develop a certain sensitivity, I call it a vision.

I am drawing inspiration from painters such as Georg Guðni and Paul Klee. Another source of inspiration are many outstanding photographers which I follow on social media.


2017        "Groska"                            Gardabaer, Artist Collective

2016        "The Other Side"           Reykjavík  w/Pálmi Bjarnason

2016        "Páskasýning"              Siglufjörður  w/Ljósfall

2015         "Sumarauki"                 Siglufjörður  w/Ljósfall    


2016           Einar Falur Ingólfsson & RAX - Iceland Workshop 2016

2015           Marc Elliott - Landscape Photography

Contact Information

Thomas Fleckenstein

Hörgslundur 8

210 Garðabær


Email:  thomasj (at) simnet.is

GSM: +354 8605758