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A Mindful Approach to Photography

Thank you very much for visiting my site.

I am an IT professional and photographer working mainly in Iceland. In my photography, I try to represent my view of nature in an abstract and/or simplistic way.

About 5 years ago, I started with classical landscape photography, but soon realized that I wanted to create more impelling, personal work.

At that time I started studying the work of abstract painters like Gerhard Richter, Paul Klee, Eberhard Ross and Icelandic contemporary landscape painter Georg Gudni. I was intrigued by the vision of these artists and how they manage to create such powerful artworks. I also got interested in eastern philosophies, especially Zen, Haiku and Wabi Sabi and started practicing yoga and zazen.

As a result from these studies, my photographic work shifted more towards abstraction and simplicity.

Another major influence to my photography is music. Music has always played a big role in my creative work. As a young man I wanted to become a musician and started studying classical guitar. Until today, listening to music plays an important role in my creative process. I see many similarities between a musical composition and a photography, both represent a way to communicate feelings and moods, either audible or visual.

Thomas Fleckenstein

"Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye, it is in the mind."  ~ Agnes Martin