Thank you very much for visiting my website.

Photography for me is simply a mindful process. One could possibly describe it as a way to find creative happiness. Paul Klee once said: „ One eye sees, the other feels“  and i think that describes exactly my approach to photography….

 I create images mostly for myself, they have to please me, otherwise it would be a waste of time. Photography, in my opinion, is not  about snapshots of beautiful places, it is mainly a result of emotional states, often directed by memories.

During the last two years i spent some time practizing Yoga and also trying to understand eastern philosophy. Concepts like minimalism, wabi sabi and zen I believe, have changed my view on the world and of course my photography.

 I would like to invite you on a journey into my world of photography. I hope you like it. Please feel free to share any thoughts, comments or critics by email.

Thanks again

Thomas Fleckenstein

The Creative Artist And Photography

Photography, used as a fine art, is what any artist makes of it. For the analytical artist, photography is a tool to record his visual curiosity, his visual understanding,and his visual contemplation of the world. For the objective artist, photography can reveal the meanings of things and render surfaces with love and beauty. The subjective artist can use photography as a means of self-expression—simply by dissociating the subject from its connotations. When photography is used in this manner, the unconscious mind can be reached through the reading of the photograph's design. Discarding the connotations of subjects leaves them symbols that can be read like dreams. The world of the unconscious mind is turned into the raw material of art.

~ From Stuart Oring - The Aesthetic Theories Of Minor White